• 495 3rd Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11215 | 718-499-6600 | info@brooklyncenterstage.com
  • 495 3rd Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11215 | 718-499-6600 | info@brooklyncenterstage.com
  • 495 3rd Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11215 | 718-499-6600 | info@brooklyncenterstage.com
  • 495 3rd Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11215 | 718-499-6600 | info@brooklyncenterstage.com

Class Descriptions and Schedule

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  • Contemporary: This class blends lyrical techniques with modern accents and contemporary style, all to a fun soundtrack of pop and indy music.
  • Monologue coaching: In this class students will work on monologues to prepare for their HS or any performing arts auditions. They will learn to analyse the text, understand their character's circumstances and build a truthful life on stage. Each student should be prepared to work on two contrasting monologues.They can bring in material of their own choice or we will work together to select an appropriate piece.

  • Tap: In this class we will make music with our feet! Students will explore rhythm and syncopation through fun movement exercises, incorporating footwork, body percussion, and improvisation! Dancing to a variety of song styles, we will not only dance TO the music, but WITH the music!

  • Ballet/Tap Combination Class: A combination of ballet and tap basics is a great way to experience two classes. Tap will be an introduction to rhythm, tempo and musicality. Ballet will focus on simple barre work and ballet skills. This class blends the two styles into an hour of skills and fun.

  • Pre-Ballet:This class is for ages 3-4 years. We will focus on the enjoyment of music and dance with an introduction to Classical Ballet. The class will include stretching and basic ballet positions and movements. It will include an exploration of rhythms and tempos, moving through space and in patterns. We will end the class with some fun dance games and a stamp or sticker for each child.

  • Ballet: We consider Ballet the basis for all dance. The classes will include barre exercises for warm-up and to create strength in the legs and feet, stretching, turns, leaps and combinations. We will focus primarily on developing a strong technical foundation, while emphasizing proper alignment,musicality, and classical ballet technique.
  • Ballet Boot Camp: This class is based on the fundamentals of ballet technique, while adding a fun, fitness twist. Exercises help students develop balance and strength throughout the legs and entire body, then additional focus is paid to core strength, flexibility, and stamina. Class begins with simple barre exercises and progresses to the center floor to challenge and lengthen muscles. Appropriate for all levels and no prior ballet experience is needed. Socks are recommended. This class starts March 14.

  • Sing, Dance, Act!: Designed to build basic musical theatre skills in young performers. Students will experience all aspects of musical theatre including auditioning, vocal techniques, acting, choreography, blocking and staging, and performing. Classes will include coaching in voice, character work, movement, and performance. Students will also participate in building a junior production to be performed in a studio show at the end of the season.

  • Jazz Dance: This class explores a wide range of movements and syncopated rhythms with a strong foundation in classical technique. Certain elements such as kicks, leaps, turns, splits, and isolations along with stretch exercises and floor work will help students gain body awareness and strength, while developing each individual's creativity and most importantly, their love for dance.

  • Ballet/Jazz Combo: This ballet/jazz combination class will focus on a beginning ballet technique and use this classical foundation to introduce jazz. The class will help with coordination, flexibility and musicality and includes stretches and strengthening games, floor work, and across the floor progressions in addition to memory-building activities.

  • Dance With Me: Focusing on the special bond between caregiver and child, participants shake, rattle, roll and dance! to engage the toddler’s growing body, mind and spirit. This class provides a creative movement experience with spacial awareness while developing and strengthening the body. Our tiny participants learn basic loco-motor skills and gain comfort in a cozy classroom environment.

  • Creative Movement: Children discover movement qualities and dynamics through imagination and music. They will learn basic class etiquette: how to take turns and participate in a group environment. Body awareness and games threaded with imaginative play allow students to express themselves fully through movement.

  • Broadway Dance: Valerie's approach is strong, sassy, focused and joyful! Students will start with a traditional jazz warm up then learn a combination set to a Broadway musical. Dancing in a musical is no different from speaking lines. Everything tells a story. Knowing why you are moving and what you are there to say is what makes a dancer stand out.

  • Hip Hop: Starting with a dynamic warm up, this class focuses on technical instruction, musicality of movement and challenging choreography. Becca encourages dancers to incorporate their own personal style and to leave with a new found confidence.

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